10-16-14 6:27 PM EST: Mr. Wild Bill got a letter from a guy named Michael who said that he will NOT be shamed into voting for the lesser of two evils. In other words, he won't vote for the better of two candidates. He will boycott his own right to vote in order to protest both candidates. In still other words, he ain't votin' till the country's better and we have better candidates.


Bill wants to know how that could ever possibly help anything get better. In essence, Michael's non-vote is one more vote for the hard-core leftists, which have taken full control of the democrat party. The same party the communist party usa endorses and votes for each election cycle.

I extra especially like this Wild Bill episode.

Michael...standing on his "principles" by establishing someone else's. Dupey dingbat.

The left loves it when the right stays home. It's what they yearn for as an extra early Winter Solstice present.

Protesting the left and the right makes sense. Giving your vote to the left though, doesn't.

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